Conversation practice can be the most fun part of an English class! Here is a little game that can help promote conversation and bonding among students. it’s a great warm-up for any lesson!

Have students make two lines. Each line should be facing the other (so that each student is facing another student). If you have an odd number of students then one set of partners will be a group of three.

Ask a general conversation question (most effective if it is related to the lesson or topic). Give students about a minute-two minutes to each answer the question. Students should only speak with their partner (the person directly across from them). You can adjust the speaking time to what is appropriate for your students.

After the time is up one line should shift down one person. Therefore, each student should have a new partner! Ask another question and have students speak again with their partner. After, the same line should shift down again thereby creating a new set of partners! I think asking about 5 questions is sufficient. This is a warm-up activity and shouldn’t last for more than 15 minutes.

While students are speaking listen and write down any sentences with grammar errors. After the speaking activity you can use review the sentences with errors by writing them on a board and having students correct. If you do this make sure no student feels embarrassed. It is not important whose mistake it is. Emphasize that this common error that everyone makes!

I hope this makes sense! Please let me know if you need further clarification. I think this is a great warm-up activity that promotes conversation and bonds your class!

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