It’s Tuesday! That means it’s time to practice English using a great TED Talk! This time we will be using two shorter videos. This is a great way for low-intermediate students to get some great listening practice.


Have students brainstorm how they think the sandwich was invented in small groups. Each small group should choose one idea that they share with the larger class.

During Lesson

Have students watch the video. They may take any notes! Also, for lower level students it may be helpful to watch the video twice.

Post Lesson

Check Understanding/Discussion Questions

Students can answer the following questions in small groups or alone.

  1. Why was the sandwich invented?
  2. How many sandwiches do Americans consume everyday?
  3. Do you think the Earl was a good person? Why or why not?
  4. Do you like sandwiches?


For writing practice students should respond to the following prompt.

Think of a favorite food that you love! Now, write a story about how your favorite food was invented.



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