Reading is often the most difficult part of language learning, but it is so important! Not only does it teach vocabulary but it’s a great way to see examples of varied sentence structure and verb tenses.

Reading can be especially problematic for adult learners because books for beginners are often too childish and boring. On the other hand, books that are interesting and popular can be difficult to follow and overwhelming. However, there is a solution! It is possible to find books that are level appropriate and exciting, interesting, and engrossing!

Here’s our next book for the week!


The Princess Diaries is one of my favorite book series. Although it is written for young adults and teenagers it actually includes many high level vocabulary words. Young adult books can be great for English learners because the subject matter isn’t too childish but the level of language is lower than adult books.

This is the 10th book in the series, I recommend starting with number one!

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