Watching a documentary can be a great way to learn about a new subject and practice your English! Here’s a great documentary! Remember to watch the video in chunks, otherwise it can be overwhelming!

Below you’ll find questions for the first 18 minutes. Check out the questions below and post your answers!

STOP at 3 minutes

  1. How many countries does Coke operate in? Or what percent does of humans does the company reach?
  2. Do you think there really is a secret formula that no one knows?
  3. How often do you drink coke or coke products?
  4. Are there many megafactories in your country?

STOP at 6 minutes

  1. Do you think water has different tastes sometimes?
  2. Which kind of container do you prefer for your drinks? Do you think big companies should stop using plastic bottles?

STOP at 9 minutes

  1. Are you surprised to see so many robots or did you think there would be more robots? Will this kind of factory have no humans soon?
  2. Did you know this was the process for making plastic bottles?

STOP at 12 minutes

  1. What point of the process are we at now?
  2. Why does the speaker say it’s not a conveyor it’s an airveyor?

STOP at 15 minutes

  1. Why is the support ledge so important?
  2. What is the rate of filling?

STOP at 18 minutes

  1. How many kilometers of conveyor system does the factory have? Why is it so long?
  2. Why is there a spiral that goes very high?

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