Friday is here and it’s time for a little fun! Let’s talk about fast food, which a lot of us love! For today, I’m using one of my favorite channels on YouTube, The Try Guys. To see all their videos, check out their YouTube page here!

Fast Food?

But how does fast food connect with all this? Do you live in place that has American Fast Food restaurants? Have you ever gone in and felt overwhelmed and confused by all of the food choices with strange names? Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Even native speakers can feel lost in a fast food restaurant. The best way to avoid these negative feeling is took at the menu online before going to a restaurant or cafe. Check out my post on Starbucks vocabulary as an example!

Fast Food & English Learning!

Another great way to feel less overwhelmed when ordering food at a fast food restaurant is to watch a video about the restaurant’s menu! This way you can see what the food looks like and know the ingredients. This is just one of the reasons why I love the Try Guys’ Eat the Menu Series. I also love these videos because I think they are hilarious!

Recently, The Try Guys explored the menu of my favorite Fast Food restaurant, Shake Shack! Watch the video to learn some great vocabulary about American Fast Food and laugh! Leave your responses to the questions, I will respond! 🙂

Watch a hilarious video about my favorite fast food place, Shake Shack
  1. Which item from the Shake Shack menu looks best to you? Which looks the worst?
  2. Is there any food item or ingredient that you have never seen before?
  3. Would you like to visit this fast food restaurant? Why or why not?
  4. Do you think fast food can be healthy? Is it always unhealthy?
  5. Have you heard of Shake Shack before? Do you have a favorite fast food restaurant?
  6. Did you hear any vocabulary words you don’t understand? What were they?

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