I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this very scary time! Please listen to your health officials’ recommendations for how to stay healthy and keep others healthy.

News and updates about COVID-19 are dominating our lives now. Here are some of the words you are probably seeing in many places that you didn’t see before!

Social Distancing

This a new word even for native speakers! Basically it means to avoid close contact with others to avoid spreading a disease. Is it hard for you to practice social distancing? Do you enjoy it?


This is very similar to social distancing, but it’s more serious. This is when you avoid leaving your house for about two weeks to avoid spreading a disease. It might be because you think you might have the disease or a medical professional recommended you do so.

Patient zero

The first patient to get a disease during an outbreak. Do you think the name of patient zero should be made public? Why would that be a bad idea?

Are there any other words you have heard or seen during this time? Write them below!

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