Are you trying to practice your writing skills but feel like you don’t know what to write? Did you see my last post on journaling-– but feel like you can’t write more than a few sentences? You might have writer’s block!

Writer’s block is when you are unable to think of what to write.

If you have writer’s block you might feel stuck, bored, and unmotivated to write more! Here are some tips to help you think of what to write when you feel stuck. These tips can also help you,

  • Writing essays, like for the TOEFL exam
  • Speaking exams, like the IELTS
  • Speaking with friends or co-workers

So try some out and see if they work for you!

The English Question words

If you feel like you’re stuck, make sure you have answered the English question words-

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Using Examples

Examples are a great way to add more words, but also to help explain and support your point. There are so many different kinds of examples.

  • A personal story, about yourself or someone you know
  • A fact or statistic
  • A story from a movie, book, article, website, play, or any kind of art form.
  • Something that is happening in your city.
  • A historical event, something that happened a long time ago.

Conditional statements

Consider the opposite of what you’re saying, or change the circumstances to add more words! This is a bit difficult to explain so let me give you an example. Let’s pretend you’re writing about why public transportation is better than driving your own car. Here are some examples of conditional statements,

Public transportation is a great way to move around. If there was no public transportation, there would be more pollution and more traffic. This would hurt society. It would also cause problems for people who can not afford to buy a car.

Before using conditional statements in an exam, I highly recommend you practice using them because they can be very difficult. Here’s a great resource!

Good luck with your writer’s block! Leave your questions below! I will respond! 🙂

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