Writing Practice-Journaling

Writing practice is an important step in improving your general English skills, especially your speaking skills. Speaking and writing are connected, therefore if you want to improve your speaking skills you should also practice writing. Grammar exercises are a good form of writing practice! But, grammar exercises are often boring. A more interesting way to … Continue reading Writing Practice-Journaling


New Decade, New Words!

Welcome to a new decade! The 2010's are done. Now that we have entered a new decade, let's look back at some of the vocabulary and slang that was popular in the 2010's and continues to be popular today. Check out this fantastic list of great words! https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/words-defined-the-decade-2010s_l_5e003ea5e4b0843d35fe11ac After looking through the words and definitions … Continue reading New Decade, New Words!