COVID-19 Vocabulary Words

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this very scary time! Please listen to your health officials' recommendations for how to stay healthy and keep others healthy. News and updates about COVID-19 are dominating our lives now. Here are some of the words you are probably seeing in many places that you didn't … Continue reading COVID-19 Vocabulary Words

Cold Weather Clothing

In many part of the world it is winter now. Where I live, it is extremely cold! You have to wear a lot of different kinds of clothing to feel warm! Check out the words and pictures below and see if you use them in the cold weather! Photo by Ogo on Peacoat/Wool Coat- … Continue reading Cold Weather Clothing

TED Talk Tuesdays!

These TED videos from the series Small Thing Big Idea are great for listening practice. They are also great practice for the TOEFL listening test. Teachers: Students should watch these videos without stopping and then check for comprehension using the following questions. Learners: Post your answers to the questions below! Questions How often do you wear … Continue reading TED Talk Tuesdays!