How Would You Change the Story?

What are some of your favorite movies or books? Marvel movies? Harry Potter? Star Wars? Do you love these movies? Or, do you wish you could change something about them? Here's a great writing exercise with my example, Choose a story you want to change. I choose Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of SkywalkerWhat … Continue reading How Would You Change the Story?

Let’s Go Shopping!

Maybe you're like me and you have been stuck inside for last couple of weeks! Right now all the shopping malls are closed! Online shopping is fun but you might be trying to save money right now. So, instead of shopping let's pretend! Here are the rules, You have $500 to spend. You must have … Continue reading Let’s Go Shopping!

Harry Potter-Adjectives

I hope you enjoyed my last post about practicing adjectives through Marvel characters But, maybe you are not a fan of the Marvel universe. You can use this exercise with any set of characters you like! Here's a similar exercise using my favorite set of characters-from Harry Potter! Just like the last exercise, use … Continue reading Harry Potter-Adjectives