The Super Bowl is the championship game for American Football. It is definitely one of the most watched television events for Americans. The two top football teams play against each other. But, this game is about more than just watching football, here are some of the other important elements of the game to help you understand this important part of American culture.

Super Bowl LIV?

You might find it strange to see these letters after the words Super Bowl. But, these are not letters. The Super Bowl uses Roman Numerals. This year’s Super Bowl is LIV is 54, meaning it is the 54th Super Bowl. Therefore next year’s Super Bowl will be LV, which is 55! Do you like this system?

Half-time Show

For me, the most exciting part of Super Bowl Sunday is the Half-time Show! The half-time show happens halfway through the game, after the first and second quarter. Usually, the show is a fun concert with great singers. This year, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed together. I thought it was amazing! What did you think?


For others, the most exciting part of the Super Bowl are the commercials. Normally, people hate commercials because they are boring! But, during the Super Bowl the commercials are much better! Because so many people are watching the Super Bowl, companies will spend a lot of money on making great commercials. You’ll see tons of celebrities, humor, and action!

The Snacks

Americans love to eat, and we love to eat on Super Bowl Sunday! Football is a very long game, it usually lasts four hours. Therefore, most people like to have some snacks to eat while watching the game. Some of the most common snacks are, nachos, buffalo wings, pizza, chips and dip, pretzels, and popcorn. Most people are drink beet during the game. Do you think these snacks sound tasty?


Do you have any other questions about the Super Bowl? Leave your questions below, I will respond! 🙂


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