In many part of the world it is winter now. Where I live, it is extremely cold! You have to wear a lot of different kinds of clothing to feel warm! Check out the words and pictures below and see if you use them in the cold weather!

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Peacoat/Wool Coat– Both men and women can wear a peacoat/wool coat. These coats are usually considered a little nicer and fancier. Sometimes they are made out of wool. They usually have buttons, not zippers. Also, they usually have pockets. They usually do not have hoods! These kinds of coats can come in many different styles and prints.

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Parka/Down Jacket– The brown jacket on the left is called a parka or down jacket. These are usually much bigger, thicker, and warmer jackets. They usually have zippers, but they can also have buttons. They almost always have hoods and pockets. These jackets also come in many colors and prints.

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Beanie/Toque/Skull Cap– Depending on where you live, these handy hats have many names. In the U.S they have many names like Beanies and skull caps. However, in Canada they are called Toques, pronounced too/ks. Whatever you call them these warm items cover your whole head and your ears as well! They are usually made out of warm materials. Beanies come in many different materials and colors. There are also variations in style and in how people wear them!

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Scarf- Another winter essential! A scarf is a long piece of fabric that goes around your neck. It can also be wrapped around the lower part of your face. These can be very thick and warm or very thin! There are many, many variations with scarves! These come in so many different patterns, prints, colors, and thickness. I have many scarves!

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Gloves/Mittens- Many people put their hands in the pockets of their jackets to keep their hands warm during the winter. However, if you need to use your hands you definitely need gloves or mittens! Gloves separate your fingers, mittens keep your fingers together. Both cover your hands and protect them from the cold!

These are the most common winter accessories, but there are more! Is there anything else you wear in the winter? Leave your questions below, I will respond! 🙂

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