Maybe you’re like me and you have been stuck inside for last couple of weeks! Right now all the shopping malls are closed! Online shopping is fun but you might be trying to save money right now. So, instead of shopping let’s pretend!

Here are the rules,

  • You have $500 to spend.
  • You must have a link to this item.
  • You have to say why you want to buy this item. Try using some adjectives like comfortable, stylish, expensive, and cheap.

Here are my choices!

I want this jacket because I need a new jacket for spring and traveling. It looks comfortable and easy to take traveling. It’s expensive but I think I will use it for many years. It’s very cold where I live so I can use it throughout the whole year.

I love these planters! I love having plants in my house! I like that they are simple and stylish. These are very expensive though, so I don’t think I can buy them!

What do you think of my choices? Do you like them? Would you buy them? What are your choices? Leave them below!

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